Substrate assessment

The key to a successful renovation lies almost exclusively in the flawless evaluation of the surface to be coated.

Very often the existing substrate is unfit due to its worn out or damaged condition for a regular coating in conformity with currently applicable regulations. Renovation that meets the usage criteria can only be achieved by an intensive preparation combined with a custom developed multi-layer coating system. Thus, the costly procedure of dismantling the damaged floor structure is avoided with a subsequent re-coating.

  • Condition and damage analysis
  • Material-specific properties of the damaged substrate (mineral, bituminous, ceramic, synthetic-resin-bonded substrates)
  • Damaging of supply lines
  • Dynamic-mechanical effects (wearing, cracks, settlement, hollow layers)
  • Entire structure (sealing of earth coupling, functional check of intermediate layers)
  • Floor structure age (possible conversion)
  • Rating of possible cracks
  • Joint layout (construction joints, control joints)
  • Evenness and grading